Feature Stores make it easier and cheaper to produce more accurate ML models.

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Machine learning is going to change the world — it’s time you understand it.

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Experimentation Yields Continuous Improvement (Image by VectorMine from Adobe)

To Simplify Distributed Data Management and ML


Data Platform Complexity

Consolidate Databases To Reduce Cost And Become Real-Time

How to consolidate your RDBMS and Data Warehouse without crashing (Photo: Sawitre)

Digital Transformation is Now the Digital Imperative

Companies Must Transform Or Else (Photo by eelnosiva on Adobe)

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See a new scale-out RDBMS with native MLOps that makes it easy to develop, manage, deploy and govern ML models.

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Migrating Off COBOL and Adding AI

By Michael Crutcher and Monte Zweben

Monte Zweben

CEO and co-founder of Splice Machine. Carnegie Mellon CS Advisory Board, NASA AI Deputy Chief, CEO Blue Martini Software, Red Pepper Software, Rocket Fuel

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